Hello Aaron,

Hope you are doing well, I wanted to let you know I've mailed back

 contracts for Sage & Saffron.  The puppy packets are wonderful

 with all the information and the pictures you include of the puppies

 are beautiful, thank you!  We had our first vet appointment today

 and I'm thrilled to report that both babies are in excellent health

 and received their next set of vaccinations and are starting their

 heart worm/flea prevention meds.  They did great. The vet was

 impressed with their conformation & friendly personalities, and

 couldn't say enough about how beautiful they are.  They turned

 everyone's head at the office! Saffron won everyone's heart with

 her sweet little face and Sage with his regal demeanor and

 stunning looks. Saffrons tail healing beautifully.  Sage weighs 26

 lbs and Saffron, my little peanut is 21 lbs! She's gaining well.  She

 said Sage is definitely going to be a big boy and they're both

 looking excellent.

At home they've adjusted amazingly well and seem to feel right at

 home.  They scoped out every corner of the house right away and

 already familiarized themselves with everything!  They found their

 toy box immediately and absolutely love all their toys.  They get

 along wonderfully with River, and he just loves them, he takes toys

 to them and is very taken with Saffron, yesterday he nudged her

 up onto the sofa when she was having a bit of trouble getting up

 on her own! It was the sweetest thing to see. Sage & Saffron are

 amazingly close, their bond is wonderful.  She definitely has both

 boys wrapped! they let her do whatever she wants!  She runs the

 show.  They are eating extremely well, no problems.  When she

 finishes her bowl she takes a nibble from Sage's & then River's,

and of course they let her!  I'm so happy they all get along so well,

 and truly like each other, it could not have worked out any better.

  They completely accepted River, which means so much.  They are

 truly have a sweet nature that is unbelievable.  They love to

 snuggle and give kisses, I can hardly believe how immediate their

 bond to me and my family was, they really do love unconditionally.

 Saffron is in my lap every chance she gets, Sage follows me

 everywhere I go!  he sleeps next to me and in the morning he

 wakes me up with kisses, I open my eyes and he's right there in

 my face! He's definitely a mama's boy!  I look at them and am so

 truly amazed at how beautiful they are, I can't believe they're

 mine! Saffron has the sweetest face I've ever seen, she is all girl.

  My husband just keeps saying how incredibly gorgeous Sage is.

 We knew from pics how cute they were but in person they are

 breathtaking.  They are rowdy, like you warned! Very playful,

 we've laughed alot these past few days!  It's chaotic around here,

 but we wouldn't have it any other way, can't imagine life without

 them.  My kids can't get enough of hugging them and playing with

 them.   You've made us all incredibly happy, including my beloved

 River.  I do not want imagine the pain of losing River, it seems

 unbearable, but what I know is that I now have two incredible

 pups that I could not love any more, I never imagined I could Love

 them as much as I do and while nothing can take away the loss of

 River whenever that time comes, Sage & Saffron have certainly

 made me realize that my heart will heal, they have filled my heart

 with so much joy already.  Our love for them is undying and the

 bond is unbreakable.  Each dog is special to me in their own way

 and I love them wholeheartedly.  So when I tell you that you've

 given us an incredible gift, it is so much more than that, a gift we

 can never thank you enough for.  Thank you for making this

 experience so wonderful, when it was so scary and hard for us to

 take another chance after such a bad experience with another

person.  From the beginning I knew how different you were from

 other breeders, but in the end we found so much more than a

 breeder, you are an incredibly patient and compassionate person

 who is amazing at what he does, and your love for what you do

 and your dogs makes you one of a kind.  You've made this

 experience above and beyond what it should be. Thanks for your

 guidance, knowledge and your incredible gift at putting us

 completely at ease, knowing are difficulties.  You were

 understanding when most people wouldn't have been and we

 knew from the start we found the very best.  You've restored my

 faith and hope in people and shown me not everyone is only out to

 make a buck without any regard for the outcome and detriment it

 may cause others.  You are exactly the opposite of that and truly

 do what you do to make people happy.  And we are happier than

 we ever imagined we could be.

All our thanks, we are forever grateful, you have our support



Erika and Family